Fantastic Events in Aion Await You During the Solorius Festival

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The cities have been elaborately decorated; the smell of fir and freshly baked biscuits hangs in the air. Atreia's people are running from shop to shop to buy gifts for their loved ones. Everyone is buzzing with excitement in anticipation of the Solorius Festival. Celebrate with Aion and check out the fantastic events during the December!


Aion (EU)

An overview of events you will find in this article as well as further information on every activity in respective news

Daily discounts
Look out bargain hunters: from the 1.12. to the 24.12. the Black Cloud Traders will have a special offer on every day. Visit the AION Shop to find out what it is.

Christmas lottery
Collect 24 advent Christmas tickets in varying combinations and win fantastic prizes - including Godstones, Felicitous Socketing with a 100% chance of success or three-year Gold User status. To check how the lottery works and to find out what else you can win, visit the paragraph for the Christmas lottery.

Christmas raffle
Log into the game from the 1.12. to the 24.12. - regardless of how many times - and you will automatically take part in our prize draw. To find out what you can win, check the paragraph for the Christmas raffle.

Login from 1st December to 24th December to automatically participate in our daily raffle. You will have a chance on an AION Box, containing:

1 Shugo Plush
1 USB Stick (16 GB)
1 Shugo Pet
1 Colorful booklet

In addition to the daily raffle, there will be a main raffle on 24th December. You can win these prizes per country:

1 x Alienware X51-Gaming PC

5 x Amazon Kindle Fire HD

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