AION 1.9 Patch Notes - User Interface

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User Interface

1. A Looking For Group function has been added to help players find others for group quests.

   Click [Find Group] or hit , and the LFG screen will appear.


   Creating a group/alliance recruitment link in Channel 3, the LFG channel, will automatically generate a recruitment notice, and the LFG screen will be opened automatically. Conversely, by typing a recruitment notice in the LFG screen, a group/alliance recruitment link is automatically created in the LFG channel.

   Mousing over or double-clicking on recruitment text or reinforcement text allows the player to check the group’s detailed information.

   Players can use the search function at the top of the screen to search by level or keywords.

   After selecting the automatic search function, close the screen to make an icon appear above the start menu button. After the selected search is complete, it will blink and a system message will appear.


2. A new quickbar that can be moved anywhere on the screen has been added.

   Go to Options = Game Options - User Interface to set it up.

   Right-click and drag the quickbar to move it. Clicking on the icon in the quickbar allows its appearance to be changed to one of 4 different types.

   Clicking on the quickbar’s lock button hides any blank slots. 

   New quickbars are unlocked by default.

3. An option has been added to permit more variety in target branding, making things easier when multiple characters are gathered nearby.


4. A new function will allow players to buy back items at the original sale prices.

   The buy back list for the will be reset upon logging out.

   Players cannot buy back junk items.


5. When players register stacked items for sale in a private store or broker, they can enter the quantity and unit price of the item by using .


6. On the Skill list , a new option has been added so that lower-level versions of the skills are filtered out

   Check the box at the bottom of the screen to show just the highest level.


7. A function that lets players see the casting gauge of their target’s target has been added.

   Go to Options – Game Options = Combat Info to activate it..

   It can only be set up once "View target’s target" function is checked.


8. There are new options available for sorting titles.

   Regular titles are those obtained through quests, including campaign quests. They appear according to the quests’ acquired level.   

   Special titles are obtained from events, special purchases such as pre-order packs, and so on.


9. On the Social screen (V), the [Search] tab has been changed to the [Friend List] tab.


10. The placement and number of stigma slots has been changed.

   Additional stigma slots will be available in future updates.

   Once future updates are complete for added stigma slot numbers, there will be more information regarding new high level stigma stones.


11. The target’s buff/de-buff icon has been changed to sort in the status bar lower left side.


12.  A "rest" icon will now be among the default quickbar icons for new characters.


13. The Soul Sickness tooltip and the content regarding Soul Healing have both been simplified.

   The Soul Sickness tooltip content has been changed as follows.

   Soul Healing content has been changed as follows.


14. The issue regarding in-game time information not appearing has been corrected.


15. The issue where group member names would not appear in the alliance window even after selecting "Group Member Name" in Game Options has been corrected.


16. When "Your Name" is unselected in Game Options, your summoned NPCs’ name will now not appear either.


17. The bug involving adding friends to a full Friends List has been corrected.

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