AION 1.9 Patch Notes - Skills

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1. The following skills have been added.


2. The following effect has been added to the Gladiator’s "Strengthen Wings" skill.

   All movement weakening magic has been removed. Immobilization and movement speed decrease resistance values have been increased by 500.


3. The issue with the Gladiator’s "Dauntless Spirit" skill tooltip explanation containing the content for Shield explanation has been corrected.


4. The Templar’s "Bodyguard" skill range has been changed from 5m to 10m.


5. The Templar’s "Holy Shield" skill’s duration time has been boosted from 10 seconds to 30 seconds.


6. The Ranger’s "Explosion Trap III" now consumes 4 Tripeed fruit instead of 11.


7. The Ranger’s "Spike Bite Trap II" now consumes 4 Tripeed fruit instead of 9.


8. The Ranger’s "Trap of Slowing" now consumes 10 Tripeed seeds instead of 7.


9. The Ranger’s "Aether Arrow" skill range has been changed from 25m to 30m.


10. The Elyos Ranger’s "Shock Arrow" skill icon has been changed.

11. All traps now have a decreased cooldown time. A maximum of two traps can now be placed on the ground.


12. The Assassin’s “Ambush” skill can no longer be used when the height difference between the Assassin and their target exceeds 8m.


13. The Sorcerer’s "Boon of Iron-Clad" skill has been restricted so that it now blocks a maximum of 5,000 damage.


14. The Sorcerer’s "Boon of Peace" skill cooldown time has been reduced from five to two minutes. The enmity reduction has been slightly adjusted.


15. The issue with the Sorcerer’s "Stone Skin" skill tooltip containing the Shield tooltip has been corrected.


16. The magic boost of the Cleric’s "Summon Noble Energy" skill has been slightly decreased.


17. The Cleric’s "Thorny Skin" skill cooldown time has been recuded to three minutes from ten.


18. The bug with the information about the Chanter’s ’Boost Physical Attack’ I and II skills being omitted from the skill list has been corrected.


19. Monsters affected by fear or sleep will no longer be as angered by a players healing or buffing their allies.


20. The colors according to previous class skill levels have been changed.


21. The problem of the stigma acquiring skill being blocked and the skill information screen not showing the correct information has been resolved.

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