AION 1.9 Patch Notes - Quests

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1. "Daily quests" have been added allowing players to undertake a new quest every day upon joining certain groups.

   Players automatically receive an introductory quest once reaching a certain level.

   Group joining is possible through each group’s joining NPC.

   After joining the group, a new quest will launch every day at 9 AM.

   When the daily quest is launched, a button will appear at the bottom right of the screen. Players may click the button to accept or decline the quest.

   Players who do not complete an accepted quest from the previous day will not be able to participate in the following quest(s)

   Players cannot join multiple groups.

   After leaving a group, players can immediately rejoin that group or join a different group.

   After completing the daily quests, the rewards obtained can be used to obtain limited-time weapons, armor, and special title cards from the administration officer NPC.


2. Multiple quests have been added in which players receive a bundled item upon completion.

   For repeat quests, players must complete the repeat to obtain the reward.

   By double-clicking the bundled item, players will sometimes obtain a manastone or an enchantment stone.


3. Quests have been added to the following zones: Eltnen, Theobomos, Heiron, Morheim, Brusthonin, Beluslan, and Reshanta.


4. Quests taking place at the brand-name boutique shops in the city areas have been added.


5. New Dredgion quests have been added.

   New quests have medals as their rewards.

   Some existing quests now have additional scroll or food rewards.


6. When undertaking the crafting quests [Elyos] “Well Rounded” and [Asmodian] ”Proving Proficiency”, the number of "Boiling Balaur Blood Stains" needed to craft the "Heart of Magic" has been reduced from 125 to 100.


7. Players can still proceed through the quests [Elyos] ”Loyalty” and [Asmodian] “Loyalty and Affableness” even after killing "Captain Mituna," who appears in Drakenwreck in Reshanta.


8. The difficulty of some campaign quests has been decreased.

   The stats of some monsters have been decreased.

   Items have been changed from individual drops to group drops.

   A quota showing the individual number of monsters to be defeated has been added.

   For [Elyos] ”Secrets of the Temple”, another quest has been added beforehand that rewards players with the items necessary for this quest.


9. Unlimited repeat quests have been changed to limited repeat quests. The reward stats for the changed quests have been increased.


10. The reward stats of some quests that can be acquired after level 20 have been increased.


11. For some campaign quests that require entry to an instance, an option has been added that will teleport players to the instance entrance.



12. The issue where some items necessary for [Asmodian][“Group] Hat of the Steel Beard Pirates” were not being dropped from the "Steel Rake Shaman" has been corrected.


13. players can now enter the Adma Stronghold instance through the normal entrance during the campaign quest [Asmodian] “The Secret of Adma Stronghold”.


14. Errors in several quests have been corrected.

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