AION 1.9 Patch Notes - Instanced Dungeons

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Instanced Dungeons

1. Some instances can now be entered at a certain level, even if the entry quest hasn’t been completed.

2. After defeating the "Kromede the Corrupt" and "Vile Judge Kromede" in the Fire Temple, a new legendary class Judge item series will be dropped.


3. The Dredgion’s play time has been changed from 1 hour to 40 minutes.


4. While on the Dredgion, players must destroy five Surkanas in order to make Captain Adharti appear.

   When Captain Adharti appears, a system message appears stating "Captain Adharti has appeared in the captain’s cabin".


5. A new Dredgion defense shield has been added between the Armory and Gravity Control. The Ready Room shield’s HP has been greatly increased.

   The new defense shield automatically appears when the battle against the Baranath Churl begins.


6. The number of Abyss Points players can earn on the Dredgion has been slightly increased.

7. The drop rates of the Dredgion boss monsters ’Adjudant Kalanadi’ and ’Supervisor Lakhane’ have been raised.


8. The drop rates of the boss monsters in the Draupnir Cave has been raised. Some of the dropped items have been changed.

   ’Commander Nimbarka’ will now drop class armor bottom sections.

   ’Kind Saraswati’ will now drop class armor shoulder sections.

   ’Lucky Golden Saam’ will now drop class armor one section at random.


9. The drop rates of the boss monsters in Dark Poeta have been increased.

   For ultimate boss monsters, the drop rate increases as the rank increases.


10. The drop rates of the boss monsters in Theobomos Lab and Adma Stronghold have been increased.


11. The drop rates of the boss monsters in the Aetherogenetics Lab, Alquimia Research Center, Indratu Fortress, and Azoturan Fortress have been increased.


12. The drop rate of the ultimate boss monster "Nochsana General" in the Nochsana Training Camp has been increased.


13. The Theobomos Lab instance in Elysea has been made slightly easier.

   The door blocking the Ice Corridor has been deleted. Players can now move without the key. "Queen Arachne" will no longer drop the Ice Corridor Key.

   "Queen Arachne" will instead drop a "Research Center Key," which opens a treasure chest.

   The treasure chest that opens with the "Research Center Key" is hidden inside the dungeon. There is a chance that the chest will contain the "Gentlewoman’s Dress".


14. The requirements for creating an entrance that leads directly from Heiron to Draupnir Cave and from Beluslan to the Indratu Fortress Dungeon have been changed.

   The Abyss Gates to Draupnir Cave and Heiron now appear more frequently and last longer.


15. Some of the instances that could only be entered during a campaign quest can now be entered at any time.


16. The re-entry time to the Indratu Fortress in Elysea has been reduced from 12 hours to 6 hours.

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