AION 1.9 Patch Notes - Environments

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1. The Elyos now have the Kaisinel Sanctuary, while the Asmodians have the Marchutan Sanctuary.

   There are teleport statues in each sanctuary.

   Some quests are conducted inside the Sanctuary, with additional campaign quests and regular quests expected in later updates.

[Kaisinel Sanctuary]

[Marchutan Sanctuary]


2. A district for selling brand-name apparel has been added to the large cities.

   In Sanctum, this is located near the Airship Dock. In Pandaemonium, it is located in the Vanahal District.

[Elyos Brand-Name Boutique Location]     [Asmodian Brand-Name Boutique Location]


3. New paths and Obelisks that can be reached through flight have been added.

   The new flight destinations have Obelisks to bind to.

   Altgard’s Traders Berth is an existing destination. An Obelisk has been added there.


4. Teleport coordinates have been added to the teleport statues in the city regions.

   A flight path from inside Sanctum to the exterior has been added.

   A flight path from inside Pandaemonium to the western exterior has been added.

[Sanctum]                                     [Pandaemonium]


5. Piano keyboards have been added to the main cities of Elysea and Asmodae.

   Jump from one of the 25 keys to the next, and different notes will sound.

   They can be found in Sanctum’s port area and in Pandaemonium’s plaza district.


6. The problem of characters not being able to leave certain special regions has been corrected.

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