AION 1.9 Patch Notes - Characters

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1. The location of all characters created in the game has been reset.

   All characters will be returned to the Obelisk where they are registered.

   Characters not bound to an Obelisk will be teleported to their race’s initial start location.


2. Energy of Salvation has been added.

   Characters who have progress slowly from level 15 despite long connection times and continuous in-game activity will now obtain bonus EXP through the Energy of Salvation.

   Characters who receive the Energy of Salvation will receive Energy of Salvation points at set time intervals.

   Energy of Salvation points are automatically used during hunting, collecting, crafting, missions, quests, and PvP, and will boost earned XP by 30%.

   Unused points disappear 10 minutes after logging out.


3. Energy of Repose will now be earned starting at level 15. Its effects have been increased between levels 30~45.


4. New stats have been added.

 A healing increase stat has been added, strengthening the Cleric’s healing abilities.

 Critical hit and related abilities have been changed or added.

      Magical critical hit effects, which only applied during an ordinary magic attack, will now also apply to class skills. Items that already have a magic critical hit proc will now match the new magic critical hit standard.

      Physical critical hit decreasing / magic critical hit decreasing stats have been added to decrease the rate of critical hit damage incurred during physical / magic attacks.

      Physical critical hit defense / magic critical hit defense stats have been added to decrease the critical hit damage incurred during physical/magic critical hit damage.


Stat Name

Function Description

Heal amount increase

Increases heal amount

Magical Critical Hit

Boosts the rate of critical hits during ordinary magical attacks or skill use

Magic Critical Hit Resistance

Lowers magic critical hit rate from attacks

Magic Critical Hit Defense

Lowers magic critical hit damage from attacks

Physical Critical Hit Resistance

Lowers physical critical hit rate from attacks

Physical Critical Hit Defense

Lowers physical critical hit damage from attacks

[Newly added stats and function explanation]


5. Item and manastone bonuses now also affect the stats of the character’s summoned spirits, traps, and energy.

   The basic stats and options of the character and item are not affected. An equipped item’s additional options and manastone options are reflected.

   Using skills and items to boost a character’s stats will not boost the stats of the summons.

[Item Options that Affect Summon Stats]

   The stats


Applied Stats


HP, Physical Attack, Physical Critical Hit, Accuracy, Evasion, Physical Defense,

Magic Boosting Power, Magic Accuracy, Magic Resistance


Magic Boosting Power, Magic Accuracy

Summon Material

Physical Attack, Accuracy, Magic Attack, Magic Boosting Power, Magic Accuracy

applied to the summon depends on the type of summon.


6. All stigma stones types can now be purchased from the Stigma Seller located in the large cities.











7. Alterations to Casting Speed will now be reflected in the Character screen.


8. The Magic Resistance rate has been changed according to level.

   When the attacker’s level is significantly higher than the defender’s level, the rate of Magic Resistance occurrence is greatly decreased.


9. The cost of Soul Healing, Soul Binding, and Flight Transportation have all been decreased.

   The cost of Soul Healing has been greatly decreased from before.

   The decrease in the cost of Binding depends on the difficulty of the zone. Lower-level zones have seen the greatest price-cuts.

   The cost of Flight Transportation has been greatly decreased.

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