AION 1.9 Patch Notes - The Abyss

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The Abyss

1. The Abyss Fortress War interval has been changed from 2 hours to 1 hour.

   As a result of this, all Fortress start times have been changed.

   After the Guardian Deities appear on the Core and Top layers, they will disappear as before in 30 minutes. Once the Guardian Deity disappears, the Fortress War ends.


2. In accordance with the Fortress War interval changes, the appearance time of the Divine Fortress’ Guardian Deity General on the Base layer has been changed from 110 minutes to 50 minutes.

   Among the Guardian Deity General’s stats, Maximum HP and Elemental Defense have been greatly decreased.


3. The opposing race’s bind point can no longer be invaded.

   When an aetheric field touches the opposing race’s bind point area, great damage is inflicted, causing instant death.

   Players who go inside an aetheric field through different methods will also be killed instantly.

   Players who are killed this way will resurrect after automatically teleporting to an Obelisk or Kisk.


4. There is no longer a contribution point bonus to players preemptively attacking the Divine Fortress’s Base level Guardian Deity General.

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