AION 1.9 Patch Notes - NPCs

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1. The level and difficulty of the Asmodian missions and some related monsters has been decreased.

   The level of "High Spellshifter Abija" who appears in Altgard’s Black Claw Outpost has been decreased.

   The levels of the Mau that appear in the Altar of the Black Dragon in Morheim has been decreased.

   During the campaign quest "The Abyss Key", the level of the monsters that appear in the "Fire Room" in the instance has been decreased. The spawn rates of monsters in the "Water Room" and the "Wind Room " have been changed.

   The level of "Chalice Guard Denlavis," who appears in the Fire Temple instance, has been decreased. It has also been moved to a more accessible location.


2. The Theobomos Lab difficulty has been decreased.

 The stats of some monsters have been decreased and their placements have been changed.


3. The stats and spawn rates of some of the monsters that are placed in the Dredgion instance have been changed.

   All monsters have been changed to sense advanced stealth. The monsters’ movement speed has been increased.

   The stats of monsters placed in the Surkana area have been increased. The stats of normal monsters have been decreased.

   The spawn rates of " Quartermaster Vujara," "Auditor Nirshaka," "Supervisor Lakhane," and "Adjudant Kalanadi" have been increased.


4. The stats of some Guard NPCs in Eltnen, Heiron, Morheim, and Beluslan have been increased, and new Guard NPCs have been added.


5. The stats of the monster "Angry Mosbear," which sometimes appears during "The Broken Honey Jar" in Altgard, have been decreased.


6. The problem of the Spiritmaster’s spirit and some monsters’ animations not appearing correctly has been corrected.


7. The problem of the Guard NPC at the entrance to Poeta’s Akarios Village battling normally with the Wandering Kerubs has been corrected.

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