AION 2.0 Patch Notes - User Interface

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User Interface

1. Items acquired from looting monsters that were previously marked as untradeable upon pickup can now be traded in a certain time frame.
 This function doesn’t apply to quest items and Abyss items.
 There are limits to which players can receive these items.
 The item’s tooltip shows the remaining time. Once the period ends, its status changes to "cannot be traded."


2. An Alliance association system has been added to allow Alliances to collaborate with each other.
 Select Menu -> Community -> Alliance Association, or open the Alliance Association screen using the < SHIFT + L>.


 The Alliance leader can use the command "/associationinvite&amp;lt;charactername&amp;gt;" on another Alliance or by clicking on the "association invite" button in the force association screen.
 Association chatting is possible by entering </association, /assoc, /U, /u, /p>. This function can only be used by the association leader and the other Alliance leader.
 The association leader can use </associationnotice> in the chat screen to send a message to all association members.
 An Alliance leader who participates in an association still maintains his Alliance configuration and respect.
 Upon conquering a fortress or an artifact, the association leader’s Legion receives an occupation pass.
 The association leader can set the entire association’s looting method. The Alliance association’s acquiring priority is free for all. The association leader can take two types, and the distribution method is the same as before, and you can select regular/dice/instant settle.


3. The number of items that can be registered in the Broker screen has been increased.
 Up to 15 items can now be registered.
 A stage 2 fee is required to register items 11 through 15. (For up to 10 items, a stage 1 fee is required as before.)


4. Players may now set up a map that shows the quests that can be acquired.
 Check Options -> Game Options-> User Inferface -> Display Quest NPCs on Map.


 It shows all quests that can be acquired at your level and up to seven levels below.
 It only shows quests that can be acquired in your current region.
 If many of these NPCs are in the same location, one marker will indicate all NPCs. Mouse over to see their names.
 The priority order is Pathfinding -> Progress/Reward Stage Quest -> Unstarted Quest.
 The marker that appears over an NPC’s head now appears for quests that are up to seven levels below yours.
 NPCs that are spawned for specific requirements are marked as [NPC *].



5. An info board has been added to show the location of functional NPCs in Sanctum/Pandaemonium.
 Info boards appear throughout Sanctum /Pandaemonium.
 Click an NPC name on the path info board to show his or her location, similar to the /findpath command.

6. A bookmark function has been added to let players see a list of frequently crafted items in the crafting screen.
 You can make your selections by checking the left checkbox on each crafting list.
 Only the checked items will appear on the list when you select "View Selected" on the lower part of the crafting screen.
 You can bookmark up to 50 items from all crafting lists.
 The crafting screen’s size will increase according to the amount of the information.


7. A function to mark newly acquired items has been added.
 All items obtained through looting, purchase, trading, and quest rewards are marked.
 The marking is similar to those used for new skills in the Skill menu.
 Items moved to a personal or account warehouse are not marked.


8. Reflected damage incurred is now displayed in purple to make it easier to see.



9. The names of characters who are in the same Legion as you will appear in the same color.


10. If you go to the character selection screen while connected to the game, you will not have to login again for the same character.
 After going to the character selection screen, you cannot select the previously connected character. The time remaining appears.



11. The account warehouse window can now be opened and closed by clicking the "account warehouse" tab.


12. A perspective adjusting option has been added to make it easier to see when hunting large monsters.
 You can set it up by selecting Options -> Game Options -> Camera -> Raise Camera Angle.


13. New shortcut keys have been added.
 Shortcut keys for newly added functions (such as pet and Alliance association functions) are available.
 Other new shortcut keys include "memo screen" and "select nearby opposing race."


14. The flight gauge will light up when a player enters a region in which flight is permitted.



15. Item deletion will no longer be confirmed by hitting the <ENTER> key. This is to prevent accidental deletions. Item deletion must now be done by using the mouse to click on the confirmation button.


16. An option to hear Aion game sounds after moving the Aion window behind other windows has been added.
 It can be set up through Options -> Sound Options-> Hear Sound in Background.


17. Character appearance features for both races have been added.
 Four male/female face presets have been added.
 Four male/female character hair styles have been added.


18. Initial entry information has been added to the "instanced dungeon standby report."
 You can check via "/entrycheck" or "Menu -&amp;gt; Instanced Dungeon Standby Report." 


19. A marker showing instanced dungeon entrances has been added to the map.
 Mouse over the marker to see information about that instanced dungeon.


20. You can now see the "tip" that appeared during loading screens in your chat window.


21. When registering an item with a Broker for the second time, the previous price for the item will also appear.
 When registering the same item in the Broker screen, the item’s last registered price will automatically be entered.

22. Players may now delete text in chat windows.
 Right click the tab of the chat window whose content you wish to delete, confirm, and delete by clicking "delete tab content" in the menu.

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