AION 2.0 Patch Notes - Skills

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1. The level cap is now 55. New skills have been added. 
 Players can now obtain more advanced versions of existing skills as well as brand new skills.
 Elyos Daevas can purchase their skills in the Protectors Hall and the Cloister of Kaisinel; Asmodians must go to the Capitol Building in Pandaemonium or the Convent of Marchutan.  



3. Greater Stigma skills have been added to each Class which can be purchased using Abyss points.



4. The bug causing enemy characters to cling to the weapon when using the Elyos Gladiator skills ‘Explosion of Rage I ~ IV’ and Asmodian’s ‘Explosion of Rage I ~ IV,’ has been fixed. 

5. The issue when Templar’s ‘Prayer of Victory I ~ IV’ skills were applied to nearby characters other than the party members has been fixed.

6. Assassin’s ‘Assassination I ~ III’ skills have been made more powerful.

7. The skill tool tip explanation of Ranger’s ‘Arrow Deluge II’ has been edited to indicate the number of attackers. 

8. The icons for Spiritmaster Summon: Skill icon of Earth Spirit I ~ III’ and Summon: Fire Spirit I ~ IV have been made more distinguishable.

9. Cleric Summon: The Damage of Holy Servant I ~ II has been increased. 

10. The cooldown time of Cleric’s ‘Tranquility I ~ IV’ skills has been changed to 1 minute and 30 seconds. 


11. The damage of Cleric’s ‘Divine Touch I ~ III’ skills has been raised. 

12. The damage of Cleric’s ‘Chastise I ~ III’ skills has been raised. 

13. When using ‘Remove Shock I,’ the Resistance Value of state abnormalities will appear in the tool tip explanation. 


14. Dead targets can no longer be used as the target for Area of Effect skills.

15. The issue causing targets with 1 HP to not die when attacked with a skill that inflicts damage on an area has been fixed. 

16. Transformation: The bug causing skills to disappear from the Quickbar when a character logged back in after placing the Guardian Deity I skill on the Quick Bar has been fixed.

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