AION 2.0 Patch Notes - Quests

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1.  A mission to transfer to Balaurea has been added.  
 You can transfer to Balaurea after completing the newly added 50 level mission.



2.  Many missions and quests in Balaurea have been added. 


3.  A quest has been added to promote a crafting expert to a master. 
 You can obtain the Master Quest from each Crafting Master NPC when the relevant crafting skill level is 499. 


4.  Many quests have been added for the new Instances. 


5.  A new daily quest faction has been added to each side.
 After reaching a certain level, you will automatically acquire the join faction quest.
 Applying to a newly added group can be done via the relevant NPC.


6. Many more daily quests have been added.

7. New daily quests available to be acquired on certain days at the Radiant Ops and Blood Crusade Headquarters have been added.
 Daevas have a chance to obtain certain daily quests on designated days.


8. Many coin and coin reward quests have been added.
 Quests available in Elysea’s Eltnen, Theobomos and Heiron areas
 Quests available in Asmodae’s Morheim, Brusthonin and Beluslan areas.  


9. [Elyos] ‘Persistence and Luck’, [Asmodian] ‘Luck and Persistence’. Changes have been made so that the items ‘Tears of Luck’ and ‘Light of Luck’ are much more likely to be recovered with Relir’s Extraction Tool and Sabotes’s Extraction Tool.     
 Elyos Collection Item: Perer, Griffonia, Lunime
 Asmodian Collection Item: Cippo, Grobule, Leopis


10. A new quest marker has been added.
 A quest marker has been added to guide a transfer to a new area.



11. The difficulties of some group missions have been lowered
 Mission items have been changed from individual drops to group drops.
 Drop rates of all quest items have been raised. 


12. Typos in some of the quests have been corrected.


13. Kinah, Stigma Shards and EXP points have been raised for all existing quests. 

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