AION 2.0 Patch Notes - Functional Pets

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Functional Pets

1. Pets with functional characteristics have been added.
 Each pet has a unique function.


 Functional pets can be purchased with Kinah, or be obtained as quest rewards.
 You cannot choose the pet’s color.

2. Pet Manager NPCs have been added to each race’s large cities.
 You can purchase, sell, or abandon pet eggs through the Pet Manager.


 You can select 3 accessories when you purchase a pet.



3. Pet-related quests have been added. You can obtain a pet praise skill book after completing the corresponding quest.



4. A pet list screen has been added.
 You can select and use the pet list screen from the start menu.



 You can select and summon the pet that you want from the pet list screen.


5. You can check pet abilities through the pet information screen.
 Double-click on the summoned pet from the pet list screen or by using the shortcut key <[>.
 A  pet’s basic information and breeding explanation is listed in the pet info tab.

 When you summon a warehouse-type pet, an icon that allows you to put items directly into the "pet bag" is created in the player’s cube.



  You can check your pets’ stored items using the pet bag tab.
  Warehouse-type pets with the same bag capacity can trade bag contents.


 A pet’s Feeding Tab contains various information about your pet.
      You can check its current status, stock, and snack information.
      You can feed the pet by registering the item that it can eat or by dragging and dropping the desired item onto the pet.

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