AION 2.0 Patch Notes - Items

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1. The Master level of Crafting has been added.
 Players can become Master level in Crafting by completing a quest and paying Kinah to the appropriate teacher NPC when their crafting skill level reaches 499.
 Master level crafters can increase their maximum skill level to 549.
 Players may only become a Master in one discipline.

2. A design has been added to craft many materials at once.
 The design for bundled items can produce 10 of the material in one production.
 They may be purchased from stores or NPCs like regular designs.


3. The number of Aether Powders, Aether Crystals, Aether Gems, and Aether required to craft average level items has been decreased.

4. New resources for skill levels over 400 have been added.
 These new items are located in Balaurea (Inggison, Gelkmaros).
 Magical Aether, Malevite Miasma, and Weathered Shape can only be extracted with a special extraction tool.  Extracting from these items consumes one extraction tool.
 The extraction tool for Magical Aether and Malevite Miasma can be purchased from Vitality Extraction Merchants, Aether Extraction Merchants, and Ordinance Supply Soldiers.
  The extraction tool for Weathered Shapes can be purchased from designated NPCs in the field. 

5. If you extract the vitality of Weathered Shapes located near windstreams, you may receive items other than the usual resources.
 You may gain a variety of collection items by disassembling items obtained from a Weathered Shape.
 You can obtain a unique weapon from the "Unknown Weathered Object" sometimes obtained from a Weathered Shape.


6. The probability of gaining items through vitality or aether extraction at Superior, Heroic and Fabled ranks has been slightly increased. 


7. Performing vitality extraction in Balaurea (Inggison, Gelkmaros) at a skill level above 400 has a low chance of producing unique weapons. 


8. The number of some resources spawned in some areas has been slightly raised.


9. A character level requirement has been added to the skill level requirement to gain a higher rank in vitality extraction.  



11. The socketing screen that currently appears only when a Socketing Supplement is used now always appears. Its UI has been changed.



12. Some items’ bonus stats have been slightly raised, including some produced through crafting and some obtained in instanced dungeons.

13. Rewards currently gained through random draws may now be purchased with coins obtained through completing some quests. 
 NPCs who award coins also sell these items.


14. New items available for purchase with coins have been added.



15. Camouflaged Kisks that can blend into certain kinds of terrain are now available. 




17. Quality catalysts are now sold by Elyos and Asmodian catalyst material merchants.


18. The icons of some cooking items have been changed. 


19. Regular/Greater Enchantment Aids have been added. They may be purchased from NPCs that appear under certain conditions after conquering a fortress in Balaurea.


20. A Special Greater Flux used to craft items above level 51 is now sold by NPCs selling limited quantity items.


21. Magical Aether is now sold by NPCs selling limited quantity Aether items.

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