AION 2.0 Patch Notes - Environments

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1. The Balaur homeland, Balaurea, is now accessible to the Elyos and Asmodian forces.

<Balaur Region Settings>
There are two new regions: Gelkmaros and Inggison.

These regions are both governed by the Dragon Lord Tiamat.

Gelkmaros and Ingisson, hidden from view for so long, have retained an appearance reminiscent of the Atreian mainland before the Cataclysm struck. However, the Drana in these lands has also left its mark; there are many areas where the laws of nature are not obeyed.


 Monsters level 51 and above appear in these new regions.
 These new regions contain unique environments.
 The Elyos fortress is located in Inggison. The Asmodian fortress is located in Gelkmaros.
 There are two fortresses and four artifacts in each region.
 Flight plays a new role: each region contains new windstreams.



2.  Windstreams have been added.
 Windstreams are naturally occurring phenomena unique to the Balaur regions. Daevas can enter these windstreams, and are carried in the direction of the stream.
 The Daeva’s flight timer is not used whilst in the windstream. Daevas cannot attack or be attacked in the windstream.
 Some windstreams are stronger than others. Blue windstreams are powerful, and cannot be left until the windstream has run its path. Purple windstreams are weaker, however, so Daevas can leave them wherever they please. Daevas can leave purple windstreams by simply changing direction, or jumping.
 Daevas who leave purple windstreams with a change in direction will simply glide away; Daevas who break from the windstream by jumping will start to fall.


3. Daevas can now move about via updrafts and geysers.

 Players can ascend to higher areas using updrafts and geysers, or by entering certain windstreams.
 Some of the updraft and geyser locations are blocked by monsters. Daevas must defeat these monsters in order to use them.


 Daevas can enter updrafts by gliding into them.
 Daevas use geysers by standing above them and waiting for an eruption.


4.  [Elysea] Modifications have been made so that monsters cannot climb up a certain region inside the Theobomos Lab dungeon.


5. [Elysea] A bug where players cannot climb up trees in some parts of Heiron has been fixed.

6. [Asmodae] A bug causing players to glide abnormally in some parts of Beluslan has been fixed.

7. [Reshanta] A bug causing the glass wall inside the fortress dungeon (Abyss top layer) to appear opaque has been fixed.

8. A bug causing some monster skills to not be applied in certain parts of the Draupnir Cave has been fixed.

9. Changes have been made so that players cannot stay for extended periods of time in certain regions of Elysea, Asmodae, and the Abyss.
 Kisks can no longer be installed in certain areas.
 Spiritmasters cannot summon their spirits in certain areas.
 Players who log out or are disconnected in certain areas will now reappear at an Obelisk when they next log in.


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