AION 2.0 Patch Notes - Instanced Dungeons

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Instanced Dungeons

1. Six new instances have been introduced. Each has a unique theme and environment, and each comes brimming with brand new risks and fantastic rewards.


The Udas Temple stands as an ancient relic of the Millennium War. Built by fanatics brainwashed by the Dragon Lord Beritra, the architecture is similar to the style utilized by the ancient humans. Beritra manipulated these humans, bending them to his will until they were little more than puppets, and then ordered them to build a colossal temple dedicated to his legend. Those brainwashed fanatics worshipped Beritra for centuries, and indoctrinated thousands into their ranks. At one stage the Empyrean Lords grew so concerned with their numbers that Lady Siel sent her Spear Legion to destroy the great temple. The attack failed, but the ruined parts of the building still to this day show the scars of that terrible battle.

A group of Balaur worshippers known as the Dragonbound have recently taken up residence in the abandoned temple. Your task is to find out what these traitors are looking for, and to give aid to the few descendants of Siel’s Spear Legion, the Reian tribesmen.


 The Elyos must first complete an entry quest obtained from the NPC Versetti of Inggison. The Asmodians must receive their quest from Valetta of Gelkmaros.
 Daevas will be allowed to enter the Udas Temple after completing the following quests.



 The Elyos enter the instance through the ‘Udas Temple entrance’ near the Corrupted Underground Fortress in Inggison.
 The Asmodians enter the dungeon through the ’Udas Temple entrance’ near the Corrupted Underground City in Gelkmaros.
 The waiting time to reenter the ’Udas Temple’ dungeon is 6 hours.


The Jotun are an ancient race created by Aion itself. Their technology exceeds even the most cunning Shugo invention, yet they are still incredibly powerful and resilient beings, absolutely devout in their worship of Aion. Under Aion’s command, the Jotun created the Giant Weapon and were charged with maintaining and protecting the device. However, they were defeated by the Balaur in a ferocious battle, and soon disappeared from sight. Now they have been rediscovered, waiting patiently deep under the crumbling walls of the Udas Temple.
The Jotun Studio is located in the Udas Underground Temple, an area crawling with Balaur warriors. It is time for the Daevas to rise up and safeguard the machinations behind the Giant Weapon.


 The Elyos can gain access to the Udas Underground Temple by completing a quest given by Versetti of Inggison. The Asmodians obtain their entry quest from Valetta of Gelkmaros.
  You will be qualified to enter ’Udas Temple Underground’ once completing subsequent quests.


 The Elyos enter the dungeon through the ’Udas Underground Temple entrance’ near the Corrupted Underground Fortress of Inggison.
 The Asmodians enter the dungeon through the ’Udas Underground Temple entrance’ near the Corrupted Underground City of Gelkmaros.
 The waiting time to reenter the ’Udas Temple Underground’ dungeon is 6 hours


As the Tower of Eternity shattered, thousands of fragments from the great structure rained down all over Atreia’s lands. One huge shard tore into the ground, and eventually settled underneath a great tree, long believed to be holy by the nearby villagers. Soon the tree’s roots fused with the fragment, and the tree gained sentience; it became an Elim. This Elim, Taloc, grew with each passing day, stretching its roots into Atreia’s very bones, and its branches into the turbulent skies overhead. Eventually Taloc grew so large that the hollows inside it became veritable caverns, and the creatures that took up residence inside the Elim mutated. Daevas were recently sent to explore Taloc’s Hollow, but came back days later with a mystery illness...

The time has come for you to explore the depth of Taloc’s Hollow. Quell the bubbling chaos inside the great Elim, and find a cure for the condition that has struck down your fellow immortals!

 Taloc’s Hollow is a one person instance. Daevas cannot enter the instance if they are in a party.
 The Elyos entry mission is obtained automatically once the ’Battleship Heading to Inggison’ quest has been completed. Asmodians receive the quest automatically once the ’Crash of the Dredgion’ mission has been completed.



 The ‘Taloc’s Hollow’ instance can be entered via NPC.

 Various skills can be used by utilizing instance specific items in Taloc’s Hollow.



 If you help one of the Reian tribemen who calls for you during an instance run, he will fight with you once you speak to the Reian Tribesman NPC later on.
 The Reian Tribemen are either Templars or Clerics, and have class specific skills they use to aid you as you progress through the instance.
 The reentry waiting time for ’Taloc’s Hollow’ dungeon is 48 hours.

The tragic story behind Kromede the Corrupt, governor of the Fire Temple, is finally revealed. Work through Nightmare and witness a tragic love story between Kromede the witch and her lover Ropstin.


 Nightmare is a one person instance. Daevas cannot enter the instance if they are in a party.
 Only characters between levels 37~41 can enter Nightmare. A character looking to enter must have either started, or completed, the entry quest.


 The Elyos enter the instance by talking to Raninia in Arbolu’s Haven in Heiron. Asmodians enter the instance by talking to Bridget of Camp Kistenian in Beluslan.
 You can acquire four skills which can only be used inside the dungeon.



    Exclusive skills are acquired in the form of an item. You can use skills by dragging the item to your quickbar.
    The exclusive skills are only maintained for two hours after acquisition, after which the items are automatically deleted.


  Various bonuses can also be attained by clicking on specific items within the instance.


     Daevas can use Prophet’s Tower and Garden Fountain repeatedly, but can only use Roasted Porgus and Fruits Basket once.


 Players cannot enter the rooms featuring the secondary bosses on their first attempt. They must first defeat the weakened final boss.
 Rooms with the secondary bosses are opened up from their second entry, allowing players to progress through the instance along multiple paths.
 The final boss players have to fight changes depending on the path they choose.
     If they proceed without defeating the middle boss monster, an enchanted final boss monster will appear.
     If more than one secondary boss is defeated, weakened secondary and final bosses will appear.
     If the HP of a secondary boss goes down below a certain number, it disappears and then reappears in the final boss   room.



 The weakened versions of the final and secondary bosses drop legendary class armor.
 The enchanted final boss may drop ’Kaliga’s Key’.
 Daevas who earn ’Kaliga’s Key’ may choose one class weapon or shield, all of which are displayed inside the final room.
 The reentry waiting time for ’Nightmare’ dungeon is 24 hours.

Beshmundir Temple is an underground cemetery constructed under the orders of the Dragon Lord Tiamat. The temple serves to respect the fallen Balaur warriors, and is filled with holy remains and the weapons and armor of their strongest dead. The location of their graves is dictated by the rank of the fallen Balaur hero, so players will have to traverse locales such as the Underground Charnel Grave, the Hero’s Vault (where the Warrior’s Stone Statue is located), Garden Grave, and many others. Balaur priests conduct regular ceremonies within the halls of the Temple of Eternity, and for the first time, Daevas can catch a glimpse at a different side to the otherwise war-like menace.

However, whispers suggest that something else might be hidden in the Beshmundir Temple. The Balaur have far stronger guards there for such a strategically unimportant location, and scout reports suggest that one of the most fearsome Balaur legions, the Laksyaka Legion, has been ordered to stand guard there.

Your mission there is clear: penetrate the defenses, evade the traps, and find out exactly what the Balaur are up to.


 The Elyos entry quest can be obtained from Outremus of Inggison. The Asmodian  entry quest can be obtained from Richelle of Gelkmaros.
 Daevas who complete the entry quest, and acquire the subsequent quest, can then enter the Beshmundir Temple.


 The entrance leading to the Beshmundir Temple is placed within the Silentera Canyon. Both Elyos and Asmodians must use the same entrance.
 When entering the dungeon, the Group Leader can choose the desired level of difficulty.
 The levels of difficulty are divided into ’Safe Path (general)’ and ’Perilous Path (difficult)’.
 In addition to the standard entry quest Daevas must complete extra quests in order to explore other regions inside the dungeon.

 Daevas have to use the Abyss Gate in the Prison of Ice in order to travel to the Stormwing, the location holding the final boss of Beshmundir Temple.
 You can generate the Abyss Gate in the Prison of Ice using the Rift Orb in the Ritual Chamber inside the dungeon.
      The Rift Orb becomes available only after Isbariya the Resolute has been defeated.
      Daevas have to complete quests related to the Acquiring Entry Qualification Quest in order to use the Rift Orb.


 The reentry waiting time for the ’Beshmundir Temple’ dungeon is 12 hours.


Strange things have been happening in Verteron and Altgard. The Kobolds and Skurvs have disappeared, and massive quantities of Odium and Odella with no obvious source have been found. Eventually it was discovered that somebody in Haramel was behind both events, somebody looking to accrue enormous wealth for themselves… but what cost would the Elyos and Asmodians have to pay?

You must uncover the details of this plot by going to Haramel, and seeking out the greed that threatens Atreia’s stability.


  Haramel is a solo  instance.  Daevas cannot enter if they are in a group.
 There is no entry quest for this dungeon. All characters between level 18 and 22 may enter.
 Haramel related quest on the Elyos side are obtained in the Verteron Citadel. The Asmodian quests are obtained in the Altgard Fortress.


 The Elyos enter the instance through the Haramel Secret Entry located at the Cantas Coast in Verteron.
 Asmodians enter the instance through the Haramel Secret Entry located near the Impetusium in Altgard.
 The reentry waiting time for the ’Haramel’ dungeon is 3 hours.


The Balaur who occupied the Divine Fortress, one of the fortresses of the Abyss, had installed a machine which distorted time and space. They planned to use this distortion to create rifts leading to Elysea and Asmodae, but the rifts instead led them to a small environment, similar to the Abyss between Atreia’s shattered lands.

This small outcrop features one of the largest Aether Crystals ever documented. There is also a new Artifact, the Artifact of Defense, within this floating debris field. Furthermore, the creatures alive here have mutated, and now slavishly obey the Artifact Protector.

Now our Daevas have managed to manipulate the rift, and can get to this outcrop themselves. What can we learn there? What is there that you can use for the great war effort?

 There is no entry quest for the Abyss Debris. All characters level 50 or above can enter.
 It is an area for up to 12 Daevas. Members of the same force can enter together.
 The allied race must first occupy the Divine Fortress in order to enter the Debris of Abyss instance.
 Once control over the Divine Fortress has been established, players can enter the dungeon via the Debris of Abyss Entrance inside the fortress.
 Your actions within the instance dictate the strength of the final boss.

The Chantra Dredgion is a Balaur supply ship tasked with supplying the Balaur forces around Atreia with supplies and logistics. However, it has so far been kept secret from the Elyos and Asmodians, hidden behind Aetheric storms and jumping silently through portals when no eyes were watching.

Now it has been found mostly through sheer luck, and now the Elyos and Asmodians must fight desperately if they wish to gain access to the ship and plunder the astonishing technology and invaluable supplies aboard the great ship. Of course, it is not just the Balaur the Daevas have to worry about; two entrances mean both Elyos and Asmodians will be aboard the ship simultaneously.


 There is no entry quest for this dungeon. All characters between levels 51 and 55 can enter.
 Both Elyos and Asmodian Daevas can enter simultaneously and compete in this unique PvPvE instance.
 Daevas can apply for entry to the ’Chantra Dredgion’ three times a day.
     When it is time to apply for entry, a system message will appear alongside an [Entry Request] button on the bottom right of screen for all characters who are able to enter.

     Daevas can apply for entry by clicking the [Entry Request] button or talking to NPCs placed in the Balaur region.



 The reentry waiting time for the ’Chantra Dredgion’ dungeon is 2 hours.
 All systems other than this are same as the ’Contested Lands - Dredgion’.


2. The score acquisition system of Contested Lands - Dredgion has been changed.
  If the score difference between two teams becomes greater than a fixed figure, players who die on the winning team will lose more points than players on the losing team when they die.
 A losing team gains now many more points when they kill a player on the winning team.
 The winning team will gain no points when they kill a member of the losing team.


3. The amount of experience which can be acquired when a character of level 51 or greater enters Dark Poeta has been decreased.
 There is a difference in the amount of experience which can be acquired according to the level of a character even when killing the same monster.
 The character with a higher level will acquire less experience compared to a character with a lower level.


4. The Steel Rake’s difficulty has been decreased.
 The number of monsters inside the Steel Rake has been decreased and the locations of some monsters have been changed.
 Stats of some monsters have been lowered while their EXP earned from killing them has been raised.
 The overall item drop rate of boss monsters has been increased.
 Changes have been made so that the boss Brass-Eye Grogget drops one additional type of class weapon with another class weapon having different bonus Stats.


5. The Azoturan Fortress difficulty has been decreased.
 Stats for monsters placed inside the Azoturan Fortress have been lowered and locations of some monsters have been changed.
 Changes have been made so that the Boss ’Lab Director Elizer’ now drops a class-specific ring.
 Changes have been made so that the Boss ’Rm-56c’ now drops a class-specific shield.
 Changes have been made so that the Boss ’Betrayer Icaronix’ now drops legendary class weapons (orbs, tomes, greatswords, spears, staffs, and bows).


6. The Indratu Fortress difficulty has been decreased.
 The number of monsters placed inside the Azoturan Fortress has been decreased and the locations of some monsters have been changed.
 We have lowered Stats for general monsters and increase drop rates of Balaur materials.


7. The Nute Warrens in Heiron have been made easier.
 The number of monsters placed inside the Nute Warrens has been decreased and the locations of some monsters have been modified.


8. It has been changed so that the boss monsters in the Fire Temple now drop legendary class armor.

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