AION 2.0 Patch Notes - Abyss

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1. Two new fortresses for each race have been added in Balaurea.
 Inggison: The Ancient Dragon Temple and the Altar of Greed.
 Gelkmaros: The Vagabatam Sealing Tower and the Temple of Red Earth.
 These new fortresses generally function just like existing Abyss fortresses.


 As with existing Abyss fortresses, occupying these new fortresses affects a race’s influence.
 As with existing Abyss fortresses, a Guardian Deity must be defeated to occupy these new fortresses.
 Unlike existing Abyss fortresses, players cannot fly in Balaurea fortresses. Guardian Deities are only vulnerable after destroying all three gates.
 Guardian Deities in these fortresses are protected by their own Aetheric Field, similar to the one protecting the fortress itself.  Invaders must destroy the Aetheric Field Activation Stone in order to penetrate this field.
 Players may only install Kisks in designated areas inside the fortresses. Certain areas right outside fortresses are also barred from Kisk placement.
 On success of a Balaurea fortress’s capture or defense, participants gain Kinah and Platinum Medals depending on Contribution Rate.
 On a Balaurea fortress’s conquest, the attacker race receives buffs according to siege success, and the defender race receives buffs according to defense failure.


2. If a race conquers both fortresses in the opposing race’s region, the regional Governor will appear two hours later.
 Marchutan’s agent Mastarius appears in the ancient city Marayas when Asmodians occupy both fortresses in Inggison.
 Kaisinel’s agent Vielle appears in the Inggison Outpost when Elyos occupy both fortresses in Gelkmaros.
 A system message announces when the Governor appears, and an icon appears on the map.



 Players must go through numerous gates to approach the Governor. When the Governor appears, the gates also appear.  These gates cannot be repaired.



 When characters from the same race as the Governor use a specific item 100 times, the Governor uses a powerful skill on nearby opposing race members.
 Each Governor drops an Eternal class item. Depending on the achievement, players with certain ranks receive a dropped item as well as rewards and gifts via Mail.
 These gifts contain daily quest tokens, Platinum Medals, and Stigma Shards. They also have a chance of containing random attribute godstones and titles that can be used for 7 days.
 After defeating a Governor, a buff that lasts for 1 hour is given to all characters online.


3.  If a race conquers both fortresses in their own region, a gate to the Silentera Canyon opens.
  When the Elyos conquer both fortresses in Inggison, Silentera Eastgate opens.
  When the Asmodians conquer both fortresses in Gelkmaros, Silentera Westgate opens.
 A system message announces when the gate opens, and an icon appears on the map.


 Players may enter the opposing race’s region through Silentera Canyon.
 The instanced dungeon Beshmundir Temple is in Silentera Canyon.
 Silentera Canyon contains three exits to each race’s region.
 Kisk installation is not permitted inside Silentera Canyon.
 The gate will close if the opposing race or the Balaur conquer any fortress in the allied region.


4. Artifacts have been added inside Balaur region fortresses and the nearby area.
 The Inggison region and the Gelkmaros region have 6 artifacts each.
 You need a Greater Temporal Stone in order to activate these artifacts.


5. The reward system for fortress war participation has been changed.
 Reward methods that selected rank based solely on Contribution Rate now take character class into account.

6. The problem of not being able to use some skills when the "Kerubic Metamorphosis" artifact near the Sulfur Fortress is activated has been corrected.

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