Treasure Box Index

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The Treasure Box contains various sundries and equipments depends on your luck. In AIon there are different grades of boxs with different loots.

Treasure Box Location

Verteron | Eltnen | Heiron | Theobomos
Altgard | Beluslan | Brustonin | Morheim

Special Treasure Box

This kind of boxs are different with other boxs, because of these boxs have hp like the monsters, and every attack that you give to them just cause the settled damage - 1 , that is you need to attack the boxs for quite a long time. Of course the boxs are worth it, as they give you the unique items by a certain chance.

Unique Treasure Box

The unique boxs give you good prize, and you have the chance to get nice unique items and design scroll from them.

Noble Treasure Box

The noble boxs may give you the legend and rare items and the special item - Plastic Surgery Ticket (change your face and body shape)

Normal Treasure Box

The normal boxs just give you normal items such as the Potions and Power Shard, but you can have the chance to get the lady's accessories and costumes.

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