Crafting System

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Crafting System

In Aion, there are six crafting skills including weapon smith, armor smith, alchemy, cooking, sewing, handiwork.

You can learn all the crafting skills but only one can be upgraded to the highest grade and you need to meet skill masters to learn or upgrade the skills (Money cost). » Tip of increasing crafting skills level

Skill Grade Skill Level Upgrade Cost Description
Elementary 1~99 3000 Produce items available for lv1~20
Intermediate 100~199 15,000 Produce items available for lv20~30
Senior 200~299 100,000 Produce items available for lv30~40
Advanced 300~399 400,000 Produce items available for > lv40
Master 400~499 - Produce items available for > lv45
Crafting Skills List

Icon Name Description
Cooking Make food or beverages that give buffs and purify contaminated materials.
* Recommended Class: All
Handiwork Make precious metals, wooden weapons and small parts.
* Recommended Class: Ranger and Chanter
Weapon Smith Make metal weapons
* Recommended Class: Warrior series and Scout series
Armor Smith Make metal armors, helmets and shields
* Recommended Class: Warrior series and Priest series
Sewing Make cloth armor and leather armor
* Recommended Class: Scout series, Mage series and Priest series
Alchemy Make potion, magical weapons and items can upgrade the equipments
* Recommended Class: All

Gather material

For crafting skills, you need to gather different materials when training. There are two gathering skills:

Icon Name Description
Extract Vitality Extracting various vitality on the earth - herb, meat, wood, ore and so on
Extract Aether Extract the Aether floating in the sky to get the Aether crystals
Extract Vitality Extract Aether

Crafting Worktable

After gathering the required materials, now you start the crafting through the worktables near the crafting skill masters.

Handiwork Alchemy Armor Smith
Sewing Cooking Weapon Smith

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