Aion 2.0 Instance - Lv18~Lv22 Haramel

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[18-22 Solo] Haramel


Aion 2.0 Patch Added new solo instance Haramel .This is the lowest level Instance of the game

Entrance:The Elyos enter the instance through the Haramel Secret Entry located at the Cantas Coast in Verteron. Asmodians through the Haramel Secret Entry located near the Impetusium in Altgard.
Type: Solo (1 person)
Level range: only for levels 18-22
Reset / Re-entry time: 3 hours
Attunement: No
Available for: Elyos / Asmodian
Information / Drop: You do many new quests here. Bosses drops weapons with unique look and rare armors and accessories.

- Instance Position

- Map structure

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