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The Elyos

The Elyos occupy the lower half of Atreia, known as Elysium. After the Epic Cataclysm, they found themselves bathed in sunlight for over 750 years and, as a result, have transformed into a beautiful and radiant people. However, their splendor has also led to the Elyos becoming arrogant; they see themselves as blessed by Aion, while the Asmodians, cast into darkness by the Epic Cataclysm, are seen by the Elyos as cursed creatures.

As a people, the Elyos can be comforting, with a warm and friendly manner. Against foes however, no such trace of kindliness or benevolence can be found. Their ascended forms feature stunning, angelic wings and they carry immense strength that belies their graceful facade.

The Elyos now serve the five Seraphim lords who helped them build their city of Sanctum and guided them to safety when all seemed lost. The stump of the Tower of Eternity that stands on Elysium is now known as the Tower of Light, and serves as a constant reminder to its people of the terrible mistake perpetuated by the Asmodian people and their Shedim Lords.

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