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Now we turn to the Mage, the class which first enamoured me and inspired me to learn about the Daeva and their ways. Mages are at once incredibly powerful and yet exceptionally vulnerable - able to deal out terrifying, awe-inspiring levels of damage, while taking little in return. They have command over the elements, summoning raging fireballs and chains of the coldest ice to wreak havoc over ranks of the enemy. They can even speak to our shattered planet, calling forth roots to bind enemies in place.

However, as I mentioned, Mages are also extremely weak, and so must learn to evade and divide whenever possible. As with all classes, knowing when to fight and when to flee is vital, but this is only accentuated when the defences of the subject are so very limited.

Once a Mage has survived the fragile existence of their first few months, they may find themselves able to choose one of two areas of expertise: the path of the Sorcerer, and of the Spiritmaster.

» Sorcerer

The sorcerer is in many ways the natural successor to the Mage - the amount of anguish these elite few can cause is simply staggering. While Mages spit out fireballs, I have seen Sorcerers summon raging infernos, and when a Mage casts chains of ice, a Sorcerer can reply with freezing blizzards and blinding snowstorms. Their talents have single-handedly turned the tide battle before; such is the power they possess.

A Sorcerer is not resilient however, and is one of the most defenceless classes in Atreia. In order to ensure they are kept alive it is often necessary to assign others to protect them, a cost that most are able to accept, given their extreme power.

» Spiritmaster

Spiritmasters are a unique class, in that much of their power is actually derided from the abilities of the elementals they have learned to summon. I have known this to cause a degree of stigma from other Daeva as the power they wield is not really their own. However, that is not to say that Spiritmasters are weak - indeed the extra protection granted by their summons makes them far more durable than Mages and Sorcerers.

By all accounts, the path of the Spiritmaster is one of the more testing paths to journey down. While they start out with limited actual ability, their potential is great and is only unlocked as they become more experienced, eventually granting full command over all four elements.

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