Aion 4.0 Mythic Item Series from Runadium Instance

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"The Runadium" is 6-man end-game instance added in Aion 4.0 part 2. This is the info pages about mythic grade items players can get there and which at the same time looks superb and have awesome stats!

"The Runadium" is end-game 6-man instance located in Underground Katalam, a PvP Zone (few screenshots of the instance and Underground Katalam may be seen here.

But it won't be so easy to obtain mythic items. After killing the boss all party member will receive "equipment box", from it you can get at random: mythic weapon box, mythic armor box, eternal weapon box, eternal armor box. Furthermore, then you open box you got, you will be able to chose one of the desire items (for example from weapon box you can chose one weapon from all types usable by your class), BUT chosen item doesn’t have a fixed stats yet! You have to confirm "random stats" (1 ancient manastone slot, option that item will have max enchantment level up to 13-15 and bonuses stats). If you have lucky you will get item with the best "random stats" available.

So for sure, it will take a LOT OF TIME to get the best possible gear from this instance (for example weapon "normal" version will have only 17% speed, but "better" version will have 19% speed ect.)

All items stat translations are made by WoGGhA from Many thanks for hard work!

Greatsword Pistol Cloth Cloth
Sword Mace Leather Leather
Polearm Staff Chains Chain
Dagger Orb Plates Plate
Longbow Spellbook
Cannon Harp

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