Aion 4.0 Level 65 Balic Armors

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Below is the Balic armors and as well as with Balic weapons "the best stages" of Balic crafts have PvP stats.

Players can obtain Balic designs in Camp 47 in Northern Katalam. Designs for "PvP Balic" drops at random in "The Katalamize" 12-man instance.

First two "stages" of Balic craft (fabled and eternal) have same "normal" Balic appearance. Last two eternal PvP Balics have same appearance as "Beritra" items series (which drops in Underground Katalam).

Crafting process (500 crafting skill) looks like: fabled design produces normal fabled and shinning fabled, shinning fabled is needed to craft eternal, which produces normal eternal or shining eternal. Shining eternal is needed to craft eternal "PvP Balic stage 1", which may crit into better "Shining" version. "Shining PvP Balic stage 1" is used to craft "PvP Balic stage 2", which can crit into the "Shining PvP Balic stage 2" with the best stats possible!

Basic PvP Stats Best Possible PvP Stats
Normal Balic (fabled and eternal without PvP stats)
PvP Balic – Mage Appearance
PvP Balic – Bard Appearance

Cloth Leather Chain Plate
Sword Greatsword Polearm Dagger Bow Cannon
Pistols Mace Staff Harp Spellbook Orb
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