Aion 4.0 Technician: Class Infomation + Skill List

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Be aware: This post is a FAN MADE translation and CAN contain errors.



Technician is the primary class of Gunner. This class can't use dual pistols until they class change into a Gunner (Gunslinger) and can do fast and destructive combos. Seems like a Dual Dagger Assassin but with Pistols.

Basic Stats: ATK 100 / VIT 100 / HIT 110 / AGI 110 / WISDOM 90 / WILL 90
Primary Weapon: Dual Pistols
Basic Armor: Cloth and Leather
Sub Class: Gunner (Gunslinger)

Game Style

This class have a good long-range damage and skills, but don’t have good Survival skills.


  Name Level Cost MP/HP Delay How Learn
Basic Equipaments
Can use Armors
1 Auto
Leather Armor
Can use Leather Armor
1 Auto
Aimed Shot I
Cause 135 of Earth damage into a target
1 2s Auto
Cloth Armro
Can use Cloth Armor
1 Auto
Return 1 20m Auto
Use Bandage 1 16s Auto
Dual Pistols
Can use Dual Guns weapons
1 Auto
Pistol Shooting I
Cause 224 of Fire damage
3 8mp 16s Skill Book
Continous Speakers I
Cause 119 of Fire damage. Can be casted as Chain skill [Pistol Shooting -> Continous Speakers]
5 14mp 1s Skill Book
Symbols of Barrier I
Create a shield to hold 92 damage points
7 42mp 1m Skill Book
Increase Dodge I
Increase dodge
9 Skill Book
Disturbeance Bomb I
Cause 330 of Fire damage and decrease target Fire Defense in 100 for 8s
9 50mp 24s Skill Book

Source: Heavens Reapers 

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