Aion 3.0 - Territories

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Discover two worlds full of enemies and allies

The fog is clearing and has revealed two new countries. In Sarpan you meet the Reians, a group of refugees that are in hiding from Tiamat and the Balaur. The Elyos and Asmodians have been forced into a temporary cease fire by a tough law enforced by Kahrun, the Reian chieftain. Therefore both factions have a common objective.


Visit the home of the Reians – the refugees

Sarpan is the sovereign territory of the Reians. They are trying to prevent the Balaur from gaining access and are fighting for their freedom. It’s up to you to support them.

The Elyos and Asmodians are bound by Kahrun’s law and can only fight each other at selected places. However, there is no time get bored: you will find countless quests, strong enemies, exciting stories as well as a fascinating landscape in Sarpan.


Urugugu Garrison

Jotari Sanctuary Ruins

Eastern Guardian Seal

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