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Level 60 Abyss Armors

Level 60 Abyss items, which may be purchased from the distributors in the major temples for each race, as well as in Sarpan.
1. Level 60 abyss armor has class and type restrictions.

2. Some Abyss items have rank-related equip restrictions.
3. Some Abyss items may be eligible for augmenting.
4. If you are no longer eligible for the item because your Abyss Rank drops while you have the item equipped, the item will automatically be unequipped after a certain period of time.
5. When that item is armsfused with another, the higher restriction will be applied.
6. ems may be purchased regardless of rank.



Cloth - Female



Cloth - Male



Leather - Female



Leather - Male



Chain - Female



Chain - Male



Plate - Female



Plate - Male

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