Aion 2.5 - Pet Changes

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Pet Types

There are 7 categories of pets:



Companion A companion pet will be the cutest and most loyal friend you’ve ever had. They’ll follow you around endlessly with no complaints and you will never have to worry about cleaning up a mess.


Alert pets signal you when a player of the opposing faction is approaching.
Note: Alert pets will not be able to detect enemies invisible enemies (Hide/stealth mode).
Fortune Fortune pets love to eat junk! Better yet, they can transform your junk in to jewels, metals, dyes, and even wings!

Pack pets have their own Inventory and can store additional items for you. The pet’s inventory can be used at any time.

Note: Pack pets share the same inventory as other pack pets of the same capacity (All 6-slot pets share, all 12-slot pets share, etc).

Buff** This pet will hold onto some of your food, drink, and scrolls and auto-apply them to you when your previous buff ends!

This pet will automatically loot enemies that you defeat.  The looted items will automatically be applied to your inventory.

Note: This feature will not work in groups with certain distribution settings.

Purebred Though much more rare than the others, Purebred pets offer more than one of the above functions.

**New to version 2.5!

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