Aion 2.5 Motion Manuals

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Aion 2.5 Motion Manuals

2.5 introduced the ability for players to customize their character's animations in the form of Motion Change Manuals. These manuals allow players to customize their default running, idle, jump, and rest animations.

In the Profile menu (P), players will find a new tab titled “Motions”. In this tab, all of the animations currently available will be listed. Players can mix and match different animations to customize a unique range of motions for their character.

After using a Motion Manual, the new set of animations will appear in the Motion tab. The current or active animation is indicated by a (*) next to the name. 

Aion 2.5 Motion Manuals

Currently, there are only two Motions Change Manuals available for purchase; Ninja and Levitation. These can be purchased in both Sanctum and Pandaemonium from the Preceptor of Emoting.

Elyos players can look for Andreas, the Preceptor of Emoting, at Sanctum's Outer Dock, just outside the Dionysia Tavern. Asmodian players can find Seriphim in Pandaemonium's Apellbine Tavern.

Be aware, these Motion Change Manuals don't come cheap, as each manual runs about 16,000,000 Kinah! But the thrill of customizing animations and the promise of more Motion Change Manuals to come will lure many players to hand over their hard earned Kinah.

Levitation Motions:

Aion 2.5 Motion Manuals
From left to right: Rest, Idle, Run, Jump

Ninja Motions:

Aion 2.5 Motion Manuals
From left to right: Rest, Idle, Run, Jump

**Note that there are slight differences between male and female animations. Players will also note slight differences in animation depending on the type of weapon(s) their character is wielding.

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