Aion 2.5 Empyrean Crucible Guide

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Aion 2.5 Empyrean Crucible Guide

 Level 50 Group Instanced Dungeon
 Cooldown is 22 hours
 Gauntlet themed Instanced Dungeon with 10 stages and 5 rounds per stage; players will face a total of 50 different combinations of monsters!
 Entrances are located in Sanctum and Pandaemonium, and in Inggison Illusion Fortress and Gelkmaros Fortress.
 Players will earn Crucible Insignias which can be used to purchase several different rewards.

Note: About ~93 Points = 1 Crucible Insignia

Stage 1

Aion 2.5 Empyrean Crucible Guide

In this stage, players will face the apprentices of Marchutan or Kaisinel in a training coliseum. Be wary, these Daevas may be mere apprentices, but their strikes and spells pack a wallop.

Aion 2.5 Empyrean Crucible Guide

In the fifth round, an Instructor will appear and take a crack at teaching the group a hot lesson!

End of Stage:
~10,000 Points

Aion 2.5 Empyrean Crucible Guide

6 Worthiness Ticket Boxes appear in Illusion Stadium. Worthiness Tickets can be used by defeated players to re-enter the Illusion Stadium, much of like a resurrection spell.

Note: resurrection spells cannot be used in the Empyrean Crucible.

Stage 2

Aion 2.5 Empyrean Crucible Guide

In this stage, players will be lowered into an enclosed arena and assaulted by Mau or Krall warriors and their minions. In later rounds, elite Mau or Krall soldiers will attempt to wreak havoc on the group.

Aion 2.5 Empyrean Crucible Guide

In the fifth round, players will face the fury of Eltnen or Morheim's zone boss, who have a few new tricks up their sleeves!

Following the fifth round, players will have the opportunity to engage in the Empyrean Crucible's first Prize Round. These Prize Rounds will occasionally occur after the fifth round of a stage, and often have fun rewards.

Aion 2.5 Empyrean Crucible Guide

Prize Round! The odious Administrator Arminos will appear and spawn a King Saam. The goal of this Prize Round is to smack around the King Saam as much as possible while also defeating the little Saam offspring he spawns from taking damage. The little Saam offspring have a chance to drop some rare items that will be helpful in the Empyrean Crucible

End of Stage:
~21,000 Points

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