Aion 3.7(NA) Is Live

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Aion 3.7 is arriving on Dec. 5th. This update comes with some major features players have been asking for, as well as a few new and unexpected (but awesome!) things:

Special Cube: This long-awaited feature is finally here! The Special Cube is a cube just for quest items—no more quest items filling up your regular inventory!



Wing Reskin: Ever had to make the hard decision between wings that look good, and wings with better stats? That choice is a thing of the past! Skin your wings and get both the look and bonuses you want!



Composite Manastones: These new manastones have dual properties, like Crit Strike + Attack!



New AP instance: Hexway: A new Silentera Canyon instance with AP rewards!


You can read the full 3.7 patch notes in PDF format here.

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