Aion 4.0 Eternal Weapons Bought by Ancient Coins

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Would you like to look like Ancient Shugos? In Aion 4.0, special items series will be introduced allowing players to acquire items with PvP stats and unique appearance! 


  • Items can be bought with the use of "Ancient Coins", which players can acquire in Underground Katalam (PvP zone) by killing mobs, doing quests ect.

  • These items can be only enchanted max to 5 level

  • Items have 2 stages of conditioning (2nd level has PvP stats)

  • Each weapon type have 2 stats versions allowing players to chose the one for their own preferences (like staff will have stats for Clerics and 2nd staff for Chanters, mace for Clerics and Templarts ect.)

  • Items have unique appearance of "Ancient Shugos" ;)

  • They are very nice for weapon synthesis with PvP "Battlefield" items acuired by "Dire Tokens" (see more: [Aion 4.0] Battlefield gear stats and appearance!)


All items stat translations are made by WoGGhA from Many thanks for hard work!

Sword Greatsword Polearm Dagger Longbow Cannon
Pistols Mace Staff Harp Spellbook Orb
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