Aion: 5.3 Is Now Live

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Aion 5.3 update has finally arrived.

In this update, a new tournament format Arena - Arena of Tenacity has been added. Up to 32 players can join each instance of the Arena, and will be put head-to-head in a 1v1, single-elimination tournament. Only Archdaevas can enter the Arena. Matches are decided in a best-of-three format, where the first to score two points wins. The finals match is a best-of-five where the first to three wins.


Dredgion Defense: Sanctum and Dredgion Defense: Pandaemonium have also been added to this update. Dredgion Defense is a PvE instance occurring on a set schedule where large numbers of players must work together to drive back the Balaur. Elyos will start in the Lyceum and Asmodians will start in the Capitol Building. Details of this update can be found on the official site.


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