Aion EU Patch 5.1 Unleashing Six Instances to Challenge

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Gameforge gives us a sneak preview of the new challenging instances in the upcoming Aion Patch 5.1, including a solo instance, the Rift of Oblivion, and the other five instances can be entered from level 66 on and up to 6 players can explore them together.


Rift of Oblivion

Rift of Oblivion sends players back into the time shortly after the failed peace negotiations and witness the destruction of the Tower of Eternity. It supports the Lords and High Daevas in battle against the Balaur.



Garden of Knowledge

This mysterious place was where numerous recordings of the history of Atreia were created, which now reside in the Library of Knowledge. Before entering this instance you will have to complete the quest in the Library of Knowledge. You can get to this region via the Artefact of Knowledge inside the Tower of Eternity.




Kroban Base

A battle for the artefacts of the Tower of Eternity rages in this instance. Stop them from falling into Balaur hands!


Runatorium Ruins

The old Rune area that was discovered in Kaldor. It is said that there are great treasures in this place.


Balaur Marching Route

Make use of special Shugo abilities to salvage parts of the machine weapons. But be careful, there's enemy faction Daevas here too!

Ashunatal Dredgion

There are dangers around every corner here. Keep the enemy faction in check and take it to Ashunatal!

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