Aion - Lost Memories Update Available in Europe Now

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European players can now enjoy the full promise of the numerous improvements which can be found in the Lost Memories update of fantasy MMO AION. Amongst other things, ready for players is the ascent to become High Daeva, the new regions of Nosra and Esterra as well as some challenging battles in four additional instances for adventurous heroes. Additionally, heroes within this region can look forward to some exclusive content: those who make it as first in-game or on their server to reach level 70 or level 75 will be rewarded with an exclusive title, mighty items or a valuable mount. There's also daily tasks, made especially for Europe, to add a little more comfort to the hero's day-to-day questing, easing the path to the new level cap of 75.

Welcome home: the new regions of Nosra and Esterra

On their journey to become High Daeva in update 5.0, players venture into their once homelands: the Asmodians are heading to the territory of Nosra; the Elyos to Esterra. Both areas are open to visit from level 65 onwards and have a plethora of new missions and enemy types. The regions also provide access to the Tower of Eternity and in doing so, the four new instances: the Library of Knowledge, the Adma Ruins, the Elemental Lord's Laboratory and Arkhal's Hidden Space.


Adjustments to starter restrictions

To make getting into the world of Atreia even easier, some of the restrictions placed on starter accounts are set to be reduced with the update. These are all accounts who do not have veteran status and who have not yet activated a Gold Pack. As a result, the world and whisper chats are freely available from level 10, thereby easing up the hunt for a suitable team for group missions in future.


An overview of all adjustments and changes in update 5.0 can be viewed in the patch notes here.

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