​Gameforge’s Advertising Strategy for Aion

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Some of you might have bumped into Gameforge’s new advertisement for Aion EU that basically brags about thousands of quests and millions of players. Was Gameforge attempting to refer to the MMORPG’s global player base size?


This advertising strategy is quite a risky one, as most veteran gamers are aware of Aion EU’s approximate population and it is highly unlikely to be millions. Of course, advertising is a business that knows no boundaries but such a misleading method might just harm the overall popularity of the German publisher. 
Sadly, I could not find the advertisement once again, but it said something like 2900 Quests, 8 million players. Yeah, right.  A while back, when I was monitoring Aion EU’s server populations most of them were a fewthousand strong and seeing this advertisement came as a slight shock. Roughly 7 years ago, if I remember right, the game was globally played by roughly 4 million players and we highly doubt that it has doubled since then. 


If Gameforge was indeed referring to the global population of Aion, it is still a sign of dirty play, to say the least. The current player base of Aion is eagerly waiting for the arrival of the 5.0 expansion that will soon be launched on the NA servers by NCSoft. We were wondering whether the Korean MMO giant approves of this advertising behavior from Gameforge but to us, it seems too much. 

Those of you who also saw this advertisement for Aion might just be feeling the same way about it and if that is the case, tell us what you think in the comments section below. 

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Daniel Csaki
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