Aion EU: State of The Game after Merges and Update

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With the recent arrival of the long-awaited server merges and the 4.9 update, the European servers of Aion have clearly received a facelift.

EU servers of Aion have long been struggling with low and inactive populations, but the server merges that were implemented had a fantastic effect that should have been achieved long ago.  I recently decided to check back on the game and the experience was quite pleasant.


It has been a long while since I’ve seen so many people actively participating in various PvP and PvE daily events and it seems like a great time to participate in open-world PvP once again. There are plenty of PvP groups to join, and you will have no trouble finding opponents in most endgame zones of Aion.

Sieges are once again crowded and enjoyable (if only there was no lag…), and the new changes brought by the 4.9 further enhance the gameplay experience. Many players are now busy with collecting the newly added level 65 Daevanion sets that are not only good for PvE, but can be converted into quite nifty PvP sets with tons of effort and time invested.


What I really liked about the 4.9 update, was the revival of the Argent Manor instance that has been now made solo. The only irritating part of this is obtaining the entry item for the instance. The Abyss is also finally once again active due to the newly added garrisons and their equivalent quests and players are probably enjoying the Chamber statue event through which you can obtain a decent amount of Abyss Points and Ceranium Medals.


Even though Gameforge has been under heavy fire from Aion’s European player base, it seems that they have learned to pay attention to player feedback and they seem to have greatly improved in many aspects. Updates to Aion are now localized much faster than they used to be, and it looks promising that even the 5.0 update will arrive this year.


All in all, Aion EU really needed the vital changes that were recently introduced, and the 4.9 patch was a great way to not only make the servers active once again but to expand the amount of available content to keep players busy all day. Hopefully, Gameforge will continue on its path of improvement and will manage to keep up this player-focused attitude.

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