Aion EU: Patch 4.9 Now Live

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The latest maintenance on the European servers of Aion brought the game-changing 4.9 update titled Omen of Change.
Omen of Change unlocks plenty of new content for players to pass time with and new ways to obtain PvP and PvE gear. The Abyss has received tons of changes including the complete removal of Roah and Asteria forts where sieges will no longer take place.


Twelve garrisons have been added to the Upper Abyss along with four new artefact outposts. These garrisons are located in the following places:



The 4.9 Patch Notes further reveal the implementation of the Cursed Argent Manor solo instance that can provide players with some nifty loot. The Cursed Argent Manor instance can be accessed 7 times a week, or three times in case you do not have a Gold Pack.

Additionally, the former Upper Abyss Level 40 fortress dungeons have been relocated to the Lower Abyss and have received the name, Chambers. These are now accessible on various days of the week with the following schedule:

• Krotan Chamber: Monday, Thursday, Sunday – from 9 am.
• Kysis Chamber: Tuesday, Friday, Sunday – from 9 am.
• Miren Chamber: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday – from 9 am.
• Asteria Chamber: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday – from 9 am.
• Chamber of Roah: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday – from 9 am.


Gameforge has also posted an updated Fortress Siege timetable:


Many will be glad to hear that the equipment evolution has been totally removed, and a new enchanting system has arrived that revolves around the All-Powerfull Enchantment Stone. “With Kinah and the ‘All-Powerful Enchantment Stone’ more enchantments can be carried out, an evolution isn’t necessary for this anymore,” says the official patch description. Additional stats will apply depending on the type of item you are about to enchant. Above enchantment level 21, you will receive double enchantment values.

Patch 4.9 also effects some of the character skills and the required level that is needed to learn them and these changes are the following:


The arrival of the 4.9 update brings EU players closer to the grand 5.0 patch that will truly reshape the face of Aion. If you would like to learn more about all of the changes that were applied during the latest maintenance, you can find the official patch notes shared by Gameforge here.

Be sure to check out all the newly added content and prepare yourselves for the arrival of the long-awaited 5.0 update that will most likely arrive later this year.

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