Does Aion Need Another Healer Class?

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In the past, many had hoped that the next class in Aion would arrive with the 5.0 update, but sadly it did not.

The Muse or Musician is the only archetype in Aion that currently has one class, the Songweaver aka. Bard. It is likely that the next class will be a proper healer one, linked with the Muse.


Aion, not so long ago, received the second tanking class (or third if you consider the Gladiator a tank) the Aethertech, and it really seems timely for another healer class to be added as well, especially if you consider the fact that a good deal of Clerics in Aion are specced as DPS.


MMORPGs with fixed roles like Aion should always aim to provide a decent diversity in classes for each role. Since the launch of the Korean MMORPG by NCSoft, there has always been only one healer class, the Cleric. This evidently got players bored of playing the same class for years and the lack of true healers could possibly be solved by the implementation of a whole new healer class. This new class could be one that is totally different from the cleric, and could focus more on HoTs (heals over time) and shielding rather than the usual single-target and AoE heals. I would imagine Aion’s next healer class to be something like a combination of the Chanter and the Bard that would probably be wearing cloth armor.


The only downside of the arrival of a new healer class that is based on the Muse is that it would be worsening the evident overwhelming of magical classes in Aion. But a healer class clearly cannot be a physical one, which means that the developers should also be focusing on designing classes that are non-magical in the near future.I could imagine NCSoft working on a physical class that is similar to the Blade Master in Blade & Soul but this is of course only blind speculation.

Nevertheless, the vivid player base of Aion would surely be enthusiastic about the arrival of the next healer class and it would most likely solve the issue of healer shortage and might even attract some players back who have previously retired from Aion.

We would love to hear your ideas and speculations about the next class that is yet to be implemented, and also your expectations from a second healer class that would differ from the Cleric. Share your thoughts below.

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