Aion: Should Open World PvP Take Place in Questing Zones?

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Author: MMOsite Writer Daniel Csaki

Aion is all about PvP. Even PvE is mainly done to gain PvP related currencies and items, but should it be allowed to interfere with character leveling and PvE focused zones?


Not so long ago, most of the level 60-65 zones have been removed by NCSoft and replaced by new, mutual zones. This means that characters above 55 are supposed to do the limited amount of available quests in zones where endgame PvP often takes place.


Since the leveling process has greatly been simplified and sped up, Aion is now almost fully focused on endgame, not paying much attention to newbies. Imagine yourself as a newcomer to Aion, and you quickly level yourself up to around 55 or more, and not knowing that there are alternatives to questing, you find yourself in zones where full AP geared veterans roam around to hunt down the easy prey. Would you not get frustrated and disappointed with the game and perhaps even quit?


As one of Aion’s main issues were the slightly low population servers, especially in Europe, one would expect the publishers and developers to be focusing on attracting a new wave of players to the game to keep the servers active. Nowadays, obtaining endgame PvP gear is evidently not as difficult as it used to be in the previous expansions, but if a significant portion of the new players give up on the game halfway, then something might not be functioning too well.
But, understandably, Aion favors the core players and the veterans who have been playing it for years and against whom not many new players stand a chance, even after months of character progression. Those that do not give up after getting constantly ganked often end up as one of those players who only tend to PvP in zergs. This leads to the older players getting frustrated about zergs, and it all seems like an endless loop.


In my opinion, which might not have too much significance, the whole leveling process in Aion should somehow aid the newcomers in  getting to know their characters and skills, and could prepare them for endgame PvP gear but surely not about getting 1-shot by Mythical-geared pros. They would definitely need to get a lot more peaceful zones where they can avoid the massacre.

Aion is one of those MMORPGs that can be greatly stressful on many occasions and the huge differences between the players, partly due to overpowered gear and because of the commonly impenetrable core player base, can really chase away many of the fresh waves of players. On EU servers, due to the existence of Veteran Awards, many of the newcomers are forced to stack up the Gold Packs in order to receive all the vital items that can help them in catching up with the game.

And this is just the pre-5.0 content. I can only imagine what will happen when 5.0 arrives to the West and players will be facing breaking equipment from enchanting.

How would you guys make the game more attractive for new players and how could the game aid them better in catching up with the veterans? Tell us below.

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