​Aion NA Valentine’s Day Event Kicks Off

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The online gaming industry loves authentic events and since Valentine’s Day is approaching, many MMORPGs are getting some awesome in-game activities.


NCSoft recently started the Broken Hearts on the NA servers of Aion and you can expect plenty of handy items as rewards. The whole event revolves around the so-called Broken Heart Boxes. These boxes will drop letters from the word LOVE and once you collected all the pieces you can create a Mended Heart. The Mended Heart can then be opened and plenty of precious items rest inside.

The Broken Heart Boxes can be looted from mobs in various instances such as Sauro Supply Base, Danuar Reliquary, Ophidan Bridge, Rentus Base and much more. Lower level instances also have a chance to drop these boxes. The letter E from LOVE has a lower drop chance than the others, but can be purchased from the store. 


“Love is in the air in Atreia! Hunt for broken heart pieces and use them to create Mended Hearts, which can surprise you with sweet gifts,” says the official event announcement and NCSoft also posted a list of rewards we can expect from the Mended Hearts.


The event lasts till February 17, 2016, so make sure you don’t miss out on the epic rewards brought by the Broken Hearts. If you would like to know more about the event, visit the official NCSoft post that tells you where exactly you can obtain the Broken Heart Boxes.

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