Aion EU and The Rising Conflicts After Server Merges

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The server merges that recently occurred with the European servers of Aion obviously were a vital step for the game to survive. However, it now seems like the choices of server combinations were not entirely the best.


As we discussed earlier, in many cases three servers were merged by Gameforge and not all of them were same language ones. I have seen plenty of newly arrived conflicts escalating on servers where English (multinational) servers were merged with servers that were language specific like Zubaba that was dedicated to Turkish players.


Antriksha was the name given to the server that is a combination of Perento (EN), Nexus (EN) and Zubaba (TR). On this particular server, the Turkish community is currently under heavy fire due to communicating in their own language on global channels and seeking for group members that are Turkish. This has led to a range of complaints by other nationality players who are clearly unsatisfied with the situation.

To be honest, both sides have a valid point, as the Turkish players of Zubaba were forced to join up with two English servers and they were previously used to being able to play with only Turkish players and similarly the other two servers, Nexus and Perento were used to mixed nationalities communicating mainly in English.

The conflict has spread to the equivalent social media groups as well, where insulting comments about the Antriksha server’s Turkish community are not uncommon. This whole situation is probably the result of the initial decision of creating loads of country specific servers many of which did not manage to attract enough players. The basic idea of a massively multiplayer game is to enable players to join a multinational community where cooperation should not be nationality dependant.


There are two steps that are now imminent for Antriksha server’s survival, one is ceasing of the almost racist behaviour of the international community towards the Turkish players and the other is the attuning of the Turkish players to getting along with other nationality players which clearly requires them to get used to communicating in the global language of the server, English.

The main purpose of the server merges was to populate less active servers which would result in making it a lot easier to find groups to progress through the content. This will only work if the groups are not nationality restricted and communication does not exclude certain nationalities from being able to interpret.

I still have a strong faith inthe European Aion community and the situation can surely be resolved if the core players of servers like Antriksha learn to cooperate with the newly arrived set of players and if every single nationality group finally realizes that the server’s main language is there for a reason, and should be used to communicate.

As many of you are MMO veterans, you most likely have enough experiences from previous games, and Aion itself, to be in possession of at least a few MMO specific English vocabulary which should be used in each and every international party, Alliance, League and on server-wide channels. There are always other means to communicate, like Legion chat and private messages where each nationality can freely use their own language as long as it does not exclude someone from the conversation. It is not unlikely that Gameforge will soon be forced to implement language restrictions on global channels that could bring along bans for those failing to abide.

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