Server Merge of Aion EU Will Be Carried Out in Feb.

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To increase players’ gaming enjoyment, Aion’s developer is going to merge the EU servers on February 3rd, 2016. The affected accounts can transfer their characters one week before the merge takes place. This would allow possible faction conflicts arising from the merge to be solved in advance, by providing free transfers for the affected players.


And a transition period will be introduced starting on the day of the server merge, which will allow players to play with both factions on one server, as a result of which the developer decided to activate the transfer function in the account management section of the website only on the day of the merge. Players affected will thus have the chance during this transition period to decide how they want to solve the faction conflicts, before initiating the transfer.


Following the merge, some players will drop in rank and thus no longer be able to use their current equipment, but as compensation, they will receive free equipment, armour and jewellery items. The house will be made available again after 1-2 weeks for all players to get a new house with equal opportunity.

Interested players can learn more frequently asked questions that are related to the server merge on their Official Website.

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