Aion's Steam Launch Starts on October 29th

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Aion’s Steam launch is rapidly approaching. NCsoft Associate Brand Manager Sean Orlikowski has unveiled that the NA version of this PvPvE title will be available on Steam two days later, on October 29th. Players will be able to install Aion right on Steam and experience everything of Atreia. It welcomes both veteran players and newbie player to take the fight to the Balaur.


At the same time, a brand new server named Beritra will launch for all. It will be in the same location as all of their other servers. And the server version and all future updates will be the same as existing servers (currently 4.8).


According to the developer Valor, “The European market has a different publisher, but Aion in North America is still run by the same company and hasn't stopped updating the game to keep it as close to the Korean client's version as possible.” And the developer revealed on Steam that a huge 5.0 update is coming next year. Interested players can visit Aion Steam page to learn more details.


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