Two Long-lived MMOs Lineage II and Aion Arriving on Steam

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The two NCSoft’s most successful Korean MMORPGs in history Lineage II and Aion will be brought to Steam this fall. Lineage II has celebrated its 11th anniversary in April by releasing the Infinite Odyssey expansion, demonstrating NCSOFT's strong commitment to creating new content for this revered franchise. Following the latest Update Aion: Upheaval, Aion recently celebrated its 6th Anniversary with activities all throughout September both in-game and across social media channels.


“Bringing Lineage II and Aion to Steam was a natural next step for both titles to further grow their prominence in the West,” stated NCSoft West's VP of commerce Pabst, "Both Lineage II and Aion have dedicated fan-bases, and we’re excited to work with Steam to enable even more players to experience these heritage titles.”


The introduction of Lineage II and Aion to Steam will bring millions of active players for NCSOFT West on this platform and take advantage of the ecosystem and benefits. Steam also provides convenience for fans to seamlessly leverage auto updates for products, including future expansions or content updates for Lineage II and Aion. Interested players can visit Aion on Steam and Lineage II on Steam now.

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