Aion: Upheaval launches on June 17

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The content expansion Aion: Upheaval launches on June 17! This free expansion will bring massive and destructive change to the world of Atreia, as Beritra takes the next steps in his master plan. Do you want to see the story happening on the new land? Watch the official video below.

Two brand-new zones Cygnea and Enshar with equally new creatures & quests, two raid instances, Stonespear Reach & Drakensipre Depths are introduced in this new update. Additional changes include revamps to skills, the Stigma system, and even the skill user interface.


Aion's Stigma system has been reworked and simplified for Upheaval. Daevas will now be able to choose 6 stigma abilities and in doing so unlock a 7th Linked Stigma ability. Your 7th ability is unlocked based on your previous choices, so play around with combinations to find the one that suits you best!





Three new armor sets

Dark Lord Armor Set

Cold metal and black leather carved into twisted and jagged forms make up the design for this item set. Bearing the draconic visage of Beritra along with his blazing blue eye, these items symbolize the true darkness of the Dragon Lord.





Sea Feast Armor Set

Designed to mimic the look of the Tejhi race, the Sea Feast armor set features elegant fin-like fabrics on top of intricate sea-themed metal work. Adorned with starfish and sea shells, this set embraces the beauty of the newly discovered lands.


Wave Song Armor Set

More playful and carefree than the Sea Feast set, the Wave Song items deliver a more innocent ocean themed design. From lobnite shells to pink squid and octopi, these items prove that life is more fun under the sea.


Find out more information about the new expansion Aion: Upheaval on their official website.

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