Aion 4.5 - Hall of Fame

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A new area will be available inside Kaisinel Academy where the NPCs with special items to sell for Officers and higher to buy with AP. This NPCs were originally in Cloister of Kaisinel, but since the update in Korea servers on November 6 they have a new place.

November 6 had a few changes in Korea for this npcs, a new area was added for them to sell special items for Star Officers, Generals and higher.  You can buy potions, food, power shards, idian items and now skins and wings.


Elyos Hall of Fame



Asmodian Hall of Fame


Location of the new area for Elyos




Location for the new area for Asmodians




The new skins that you can buy at this new area are sold with kinah and AP, so get ready to throw a lot of kinah at skins.


Daevas Dignity (top): 120m Kinah + 250,000 AP



Daevas Stylish Dress(top): 200m Kinah + 200,000 AP


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