Aion 4.5 KR New Update (10/16/2013)

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Auto-manastone Socket

Added a new feature for the Manastone Socket System. Now the players can put for the game auto-socket the Manastones, using or not Supplements. All you need to do is set the number of trys and the game will do it for you.


Dredgion Changes (Terath, Chantra (…) )

Changed some NPCs spots, Aion KR site don’t say wich NPCs


Eternal Battlegroud changes (24vs24 Dredge)

Changed the position of some Monsters


Sauro Logistic Base

Lowered and removed the stats of some Monsters


Blood Mark Supply Box

Added a new item box, where players can use 50 Blood Marks to buy. When opened, the Box will give Myth Supplements.




Craft Designs

They fixed and changed something here… I can’t say for sure what.


Other item

-Fixed a bug in the Gunslinger Daevanion Set Lv 30, 50(Mira/Fenris) and 60 (Mira/Fenris)

-Changed the Attack Image of two Sorc/SM Books



Honor Points (New Abyss Rank)

Changed the Abyss Siege reward for Legion Leaders from 500 to 2000. This reward is only if the Legion capture the Abyssal Fort.


Skill Fixes

Fixed the cooldown and mp consume for the Sleep Scarecrow (Sorcerer Skill). Cleric’s Servants still bugged.


Side notes

Some other stuffs have been fixed, but they aren’t important


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Source: Aion KR; Heavens Reapers


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