Aion Opens Halloween-themed Nightmare Circus Instance

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Aion has introduced a new version themed for the holiday: Nightmare Circus. The instance is designed for 2-6 players of level 30 or higher, tasking players with rescuing Yume, the Queen of Dreams, from Nightmare Lord Heiramune.

- How to Participate -

To help save Yume, you must be at least level 30 with a minimum group of two players. Yume’s faerie friends are available in Pandaemonium, Sanctum or Katalam. Speak to them to start the Nightmare Circus instance. The fairies have asked the Daevas for help, and to hide your identity, you will be transformed into a Khum’gom, a bear-like creature. As a Khum’gom, your regular attack skills will not work. You will be given five preset skills including a healing spell. To become even stronger, you can transform into a Nightmare Circus Harlequin. The Harlequin transformations are available via an in-game quest. Additional ones can be purchased on the store.

The multi-stage instance comes with its own set of rewards acquired via Normal and Greater Nightmare Crates. Read all about what's available on the Nightmare Circus event page.


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