Aion 4.5 New Siege Weapon for Abyss Siege

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In korean server, they added a new Siege Weapon, a Car like in Kamar Battlefield into patch 4.5!

Remember: This post is a FAN-MADE translation and CAN contain errors. Feel free to report them.


The Outpost appeared, time to take it!

3 bases (Outposts) have been added in Upper Abyss – inside them have an Artifact once your race captures it. NPC’s will be summoned to protect the Outpost and the Siege Cars will appear for your race to use.


The Arti is yours!

Once your race captures the Outpost at Upper Abyss, 4 Towers will appear close to the Siege Tank (ok, I’ll call it Siege Tank).


So look at the second image above and remember, the Siege Tank can’t fly, so your faction must think wisely about which fort to attack and which Artifact to take,  protect/attack.



Siege Tank Characteristics

The new Siege Weapon is EXCLUSIVE for Upper Abyss Siege can’t be used in other sieges. The Attack Range is 30m.

The usage of the Siege Tank here is the same of in KBF. To use certain skills, is needed a specific item, let’s call it as Cannon Ball.




When inside in the Siege Tank the user will have 4 Skills like I said before to use them is needed some items but, it will be explained later.


Bombard Hit a single enemy at 30m causing up to 5000 of damage. The damage can be lowered based in target Equipaments. Cast time: 0
Re-Cast: 1s
Cost: 1 Cannon Ball




Ignite Hit a enemy at 14m~30m and after a small space of time, an explosion can hit up to 12 enemies Cast time: 3s
Re-cast: 10s
Cost: 2 Cannon Ball




Crash Destruction Kicks an enemy of inside a Siege Tank (also destroy the enemy Tank) Cast Time: 3s
Re-cast: 10min
Cost: 3 Cannon Ball



[No Icon] Off Board Get out from the Siege Cannon - -


Siege Cannon Supply

To be able to ride a Siege Cannon is needed have in the Cube 1 Fuel, but this item is craftable, any player with Crafting skill 500 or above can craft the Fuel and Cannon Balls.
The players can get the Design for those items at Idian Dephts (the item will be bought using AP), the Design also will be sold at the Outpost captured at Upper Abyss, however only the Legion have conquered it can buy the Design.
Specific race bases at Katalam will sell the Design, I’m not sure if the price will be same.



Craft Items

Sorry guys, I had plans to post a translation of the items needed for the Siege Weapons but, I’ll need leave it for another time.


Aion 4.5 Information Collection Page


Source: Heavens Reapers; Aion KR







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